地區 : 西貢   |   類型 : 西式
地址 : 西貢灣景街26號 (G/F, 26 Wan King Path, Sai Kung)
電話 : 2792 1105

9折 優惠
星期一至四 (公衆假期除外)


夜深,跟摯愛來到浪漫的Grande,享受新鮮生蠔拼盤(Oyster Platter) ,環球極品生蠔每週三次直送,可謂全西貢最鮮最正。它們質感各有不同,有味道清甜,肉質幼滑的﹔也有肉質豐厚,較 creamy 的。為了保證嚐到水準生蠔,最好提前預訂!

特式燒海鮮拼盤(Grande Seafood Platter) 以新鮮生蠔作主打,配以青口、帶子、蜆、蝦、魷魚等海鮮,烤至恰到好處,佐以清新的檸檬荷蘭芹醬,一道菜式便能飽嚐各款海鮮,味蕾大享受。

意式生牛肉(Beef Carpaccio) 矜貴之處是選取牛的胸骨部份,配意大利芝士,口感軟腍香滑;土耳其烤肉(Turkish Kebab) ,有羊肉和牛肉,自家秘製的土耳其香料醃製,口感煙韌,配青椒和紅椒,賣相誘人,再蘸上芥辣或薄荷醬汁,立刻升呢!

On holidays, urban people would like to travel to new territories and looking for special cuisines to enjoy their days. The “Grande Restaurant” which is closed to the waterfront of Sai Kung, is an extreme excellence choice. Grande provides some special cuisines like Mediterranean cuisines , such as Italian cuisines, Greece cuisines and Monaco cuisines etc. All dishes were mainly as eating healthily cuisines with olive oil, fresh herbs and organic vegetables. They also provide delicious cheese in seafood and poultry dishes.

It is quite relaxed to sit on the sidewalk restaurant, eating, drinking and enjoying the sea breeze during weekends and holidays.

Oysters Night
If you prefer a romantic night, and please come to Grande to try on those fresh oyster which deliver from all over the world three times a week, order our “Oyster Platter” and a make a remarkable experience with your lovely friends, you will find them so creamy, fresh and smooth. We also take prior orders and 100% guarantee they are freshly delivered from overseas.

Rande Seafood Platter is also our chef’s special BBQ recommendations, with special oysters, mussels, scallops, clams, shrimps, calamari etc. They are one of the most famous seafood dishes in our restaurant and served with freshly made dipped sauce of dutch celery.

Most of the cuisines were specially cooked by the experienced famous Chef and restaurant owner with 25 cooking experiences, MR. Datta., Grande have made a lot of dishes with lovely ingredients and freshly baked for all seafood lovers.

You would not missed a chance to try some new Mediterranean cuisines, please order Beef Capaccio with Italian cheese, Turkish Kebab with choices of Lamb and Beef in which served with special turkisk house blended sauce and sided with fresh vegetables and mint sauce. Don’t miss out a chance of a brand new created dishes which will bring you an unforgettable night.