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星期一至四 (11am-10pm) 每order西班牙龍蝦湯飯一客,即送特調 homemade Sangria兩杯;
另凡惠顧滿 500HKD,便可自選餐牌上的甜品一客 (只限星期一至四 3pm- 10pm)


Slow cook
“Slow Cook”簡單來說,就是以低溫作長時間烹調,令材料肉質軟化並保存食物的原汁原味。對生活急促的香港人來說,在家製作慢煮菜式,似乎是遙不可及的事情,不如出街品嚐。





Buzzara (blue mussels in Croatian sauce)
Seasonal mussels imported from the area of the world is more fresh at each time. Sauce is made from a base of tomato sauce, chili and wine in Croatian style.

Roasted Veal shank
2 kgs average of veal shank, marinated first for one day and roasted slowly in the oven in a Mediterranean way. Garnished with roasted potatoes and carrots, complemented with season veggies when demanded.

Arroz caldoso con bogavante ( lobster paella)
With imported alive Canadian lobster, Spanish way of cooking rice with a bit extra of soup to enhance the taste of each spoon.( As I told, you, this dish has to be eaten when presented, after one hour rice keeps sponging the soup and it is not perfect).

freshly fished sea-bass, seasoned and roasted in Croatian way.
Cartoccio (Seafood pasta)

Top Italian dish, linguine cooked in a base of tomato and wine. Mix of seafood topped with a king prawn will get into the cooking paper to be finished in the oven.

Costillas (Spanish pork ribs)
Imported ribs from a remote area of Spain, have been seasoned and smoked with oak wood in Spanish montains before bringing to Hong Kong. Later cooked in our ovens slowly till give the tenderness needed. Flavor is all inserted from the previous process (paprika, oregano, garlic and a combine of spices).

Porchetta (Stuffed pork roll)
Pork belly, seasoned and stuffed with pork loin and bacon. Then rolled, tied up and roasted for some hours. Croatian delight.

Tapas platter
Selection of Spanish tapas from our offer range. The idea is feeling all sense when having it, sight, smell, taste......This selection is rotating to make sure there is always something new to try.

Bacalao (Atlantic Cod Loin)
250grs of pure loin boneless, pan fried and steamed to reach the freshness and tenderness needed for a fish full of taste itself. Spanish delight, very different from the portuguese style you can find in Macau.

Homebread and Spanish ibericos
Selection of fresh breads we bake ourselves and offer daily, with the company of a selection of Spanish cured cuts from top selected black pigs grown in freedom and fed with acorn from the trees around. Also sheep cheese and cow cheese from different areas of Spain.